Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, the creative geniuses behind the Beautiful Creatures series, which is in no way similar to a very famous witch novel or supernatural teen romance, are back, this time with a spinoff of their previous collaboration.  The 100% completely original and creatively named Dangerous Creatures series will star Ridley and Link from the original series.  The first book will be titled, wait for it, Dangerous Dream.   Did you catch it? Did you see what those clever rascals did?
From GalleyCat Little, Brown Books for Young Readers will launch the series on December 17, 2013 with the publication of a digital novella titled Dangerous Dream. The project will bridge the two series.
The Dangerous Creatures novel will be released in hardcover print, audio, and eBook formats on May 6, 2014.”
I wanted to like this series and the resulting movie but let’s be honest, as a KY gal I can only stomach a certain amount of over-the-top southern racist stereotypes, though, at least the love story was not as cheesy and vomit inducing as Twilight. The film seemed rushed, though I will say it was visually appealing, and the accents were terrible even from the usually talented award winning Emmy Rossum. A least her character is featured in this “new” series and if there are more movies to come I can only hope the dialect coaches will be better.