Bill Gates’ bookshelf looks exactly as you would expect it too.  Bill, Mr. Gates if you’re nasty, has a list of books he has, is, and will read on his blog.  So what does a billionaire spend his time reading?  Not Twilight!  The covers on display range in themes from Class Warfare to Liberating Learning.  We are talking BROAD social topics.  I believe my IQ went up a few points just reading the titles.  While many of the titles are from well-off white guys discussing the plight of the poor and our dismal future some may actually be interesting and insightful reads.  Others may give incite on the type of person Bill really is or strives to be.

If you are interested in nonfiction, as many apparently are not counting college student forced to read certain works, have a wander over to The Gates Notes and peruse the shelves.  There you will find some of Bill’s current and past reads and even a few reviews from the man himself.  According to GalleyCatyou can comment on the books and Bill’s reviews.  You may even be lucky enough to spark a little conversation from Bill.