Welcome to the first Episode of What Were They Thinking. Today we will be dissecting the people of Chester’s Mill aka Crazytown Canada (sorry Canada).  I have to assume it can’t actually be an American town because these people are the worst survivalist in the world. And the US is nothing if not full of crazy dooms day preppers.  Of course I know it’s not CA but shhhh.
First a few naggings from last week’s masterpiece that was EP10.
Let’s morn DJ >Sherriff>Goony>Jailbird Phil.
Lets talk about Barbie’s father desperately trying to find where he came out of the dome. IN THE MIDDLE OF A PLAYGROUND. Which not only had a security camera but also had plenty of people around it and not one of them seemed to notice three separate men appearing out of nowhere battered and bloody?  No parents found if strange enough to call the police?

Back to this week’s EP

In the seconds after the Quake Rebecca knows the clinic is gone and already has a Red Cross center started up.  In a hallway.
Cut to outside the school and Joe and Norrie are walking in a winter wonderland.
But don’t worry Rebecca Science knows what’s up. 
Joe says something silly, that the Dome may have been moving for a while and they didn’t notice it.  Though it was making a noise as it slid in the ground and moved things along the wall. 
Barbie and Julia are driving round in an ambulance that was moved to the school at some point? They hit a patch of ice and skid. But when you skid in the dome u skid hard.  Naturally his attempt to correct and stop on a straight road leaves the bus on its side, naturally.
While everyone else is wrapped up triple time and getting frostbite Pauline is sitting beside egg girl, chest exposed, not phased.
Remember in season 1 when there were a couple of nurses and docs left? -Now there’s just Sam, who is a cold-blooded killer.
When they run out of fuel in the generators Rebecca Science moves everyone and yells body heat.  But why weren’t they set up in the other room to begin with? Then they would have whatever heat remnant from the generators in that room as the huddle like penguins. Instead of heating a long hallway right in front of a door.
Joe goes through hunter backpack.  Find the texts and notebook with messages about the egg.  Because when you are up to something you don’t get rid of the evidence.
Then Barbie decides the best way to help their situation is let Julia get hypothermia so he can pull the rod out without her bleeding to death. Yep.
Lyle pops up in the lake that is freezing over.  Announces to Sherriff/Councilman/Car Salesman Jim that the end is coming, he saw it so it must be true.
Then just like that the dome decided ‘what the heck let’s warm ya’ll back up.’
Just in time for things to get interesting. The dome starts contracting on their crazy butts!