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Here is a poem I wrote waaaaaay back in high for a creative writing class. DO NOT ask me what year that was unless you like hot pokers.  I believe the assignment was to pick a character or scene from As I Lay Dying  and write an interpretive poem about the character or scene.

Addie’s Feathers

We sat in the grass and watched
People file in
One by one
And one more.
Not many people could be bothered
Not even us.
We Bundrens sat there already over it.
Dewey Dell resting against
The tall, swooping, weeping, willow,
Jewel and Cash inside safegaurding the coffin,
Myself resting in the grass at Darl’s feet.
“if it is was, it can’t be is, Can it?”
no it can’t
the women all wore large  colorful hats
with feathers and netted lace,
clearly over it.
If ever under it.
Pa wasn’t under it.
He was completely carefree
Poised to float away
Like the purple feather
That was released from
Mrs. Bundren;s hat.
If she was than she is not
Everyone seemed to know it
And have a bright comprehension
And sureness.

My mother is a feather.